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What Is Pulpotomy Procedure And Why It Is Done?

Pulpotomy procedure is a common procedure for the removal of the coronal pulp with the purpose of restoring other pulp tissues. In the pulpotomy procedure, the pulp of the tooth in the crown is removed, and the root canal is left unharmed. It is mainly done on the primary set of teeth, i.e., on children. The treatment is used to treat infections and dental decay that has been extended to the root pulp.


Richmond Dental Care will certainly recommend that your kid undergo a pulpotomy if, upon an oral exam, it is uncovered that your child has dental caries/tooth decay that has actually influenced the pulp in the crown. It is also done when the dental caries is so near to the pulp in the crown that eliminating it will expose the pulp. This assessment can either be by physical examination of the tooth or by X-ray.

You may be wondering why your youngster's affected tooth isn't simply removed since it is a baby tooth that will become replaced by a long-term one. The reason is that baby teeth assist to guarantee that the long-term room will certainly be organized properly and will certainly have sufficient area to expand when they begin to expand.

A pulpotomy is a really safe treatment as well as there are no serious threats connected with it. Pulpotomies ought to not be done if the pulp in the root (the radicular pulp) is not vital. That suggests that the pulp there ought to not be contaminated as well as ought to still be healthy as at the time of the procedure.

Symptoms of Pulpotomy:

  • Brief short pain
  • No sensation/tooth discoloration
  • Pain while eating and drinking

Pulpectomy in Primary Teeth:

Sign of early dental caries is a form of dental decay in youngsters. It mainly occurs due to unhealthy feeding habits and poor hygiene. The study suggests that infants who use nursing bottles or demand mother’s milk at times other than normal feeding often develop dental caries lesions.

While sleeping, the flow of saliva is less than the usual and swallowing reflex is also absent, so milk remains and pools around the tooth surfaces. On tooth surfaces, microorganisms get collected, which results in tooth decay. This process takes place very fast and results in diseases like dental cavities in youngsters.

A pulpotomy is a popularly used endodontic technique in the primary teeth. The point of pulpotomy in the primary teeth is to abscise the affected coronal pulp and safeguard the spirit of the radicular pulp, by enabling the normal exfoliation of the primary teeth.

Remember that a series of tests must be done by the dentist before going for the treatment can be reached. A proper diagnosis, assessment, and analysis will determine the cause of the disease before performing a pulpotomy.

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